Hugo not generating pages

I’ve been poking at this all day and I’m hitting an interesting issue.

For clarity, my experience with Hugo is I just started today, so who knows may it’s me. I am familiar with Jekyll and much more detailed stuffs as it relates to web work, for whatever that’s worth…

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.68.2/extended windows/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

So I’ve been working on moving a WordPress site over to Hugo. I found that pages were not generated (except the homepage) unless I first open the file in my text editor, make a modification (add a space, delete a space, anything) and save the file (key part is while the server is running)

I’ve tried checking dates, no difference. I’ve run ever flag from drafts to expired. Verbose provides no additional output at all. I created a new site with new pages to test and I get the same result.

It’s as if Hugo isn’t seeing the files at all.

Please tell me this is a bug and I haven’t missed something simple this entire time.


Ok, it never fails… I always try for hours before posting (including searching)…

there seems to a file that’s causing issues somewhere in my export from WordPress. I dumped all the content from WordPress and started from scratch and everything worked as expected. Now trying to figure out where that file was. Odd still that there was no error anywhere…

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