Will Hugo fit the purpose (CMS, Banners, Automatic Build/Publication)


I’ve been playing around with Hugo for quite a while. Now I’ve been assigned to research which language/system that should be used for a major blog. So my question is, can Hugo deliver the following

  1. CMS: understand this has to come from third party, any suggestions?
  2. Banner system: Possible to implement some form of banner system with the possibility of publishing banners depending on a posts tag or similar?
  3. Start page: Can the start page/index range all blog posts?
  4. Future publication: Can posts be published on a set date in the future; any suggestions on how to trigger builds say once a day?

I think that’s all. If any questions have been answered, please send me in the right direction

/Appreciate it!

Found an answer to 4 here, supposing Netlify is used http://hugodocs.netlify.com/tutorials/automated-deployments/

Use the search in the upper right corner. And see the docs:


Also found the answer to three https://discuss.gohugo.io/t/list-section-on-homepage/636

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