Which theme has very good accessability or is even WCAG-compliant?

I plan to redo a larger, quite messy wordpress page in HUGO.
But i need and also want to comply to accessability requirements [1].
Therefore my question: is there a specific hugo template that is well suited for that and has good accessability or is even compliant to some version of the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” [2]?

[1] Web accessibility - Wikipedia
[2] Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - Wikipedia

Just run any Hugo theme’s demo through https://wave.webaim.org/ and make your choice.

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Using Hugo Themes Report it seems there are at least 9 themes to support accessibility. Other themes may not mention it explicitly in their theme.toml so there may be more.

Thank you so much. The accessibility checker and especially the filtering using the themes report are really helpful.

Thanks, but I think you might mean https://wave.webaim.org - not .com - for the accessibility testing

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