Migration from WordPress: theme suggestion

Hi guys.

I’ve been wanting to migrate my blog from WordPress to Hugo for a long time. It had over 700 posts and I already trim it down to 150 to make my migration easier.

I already have my posts in markdown format, but I’ve been struggling to find a theme that is easy to setup with all I need:

  • Search
  • Sticky header
  • Sticky sidebar (right side) with featured, recent posts and a 300x250 banner
  • Get thumbnail and feature image from front matter
  • Giscus comment system
  • Next/Prev navigation in each post
  • Dark/light mode
  • Back to Top Button

I really like how my blog currently looks on WordPress and want to replicate it as much as possible with Hugo.

The best candidates I tried so far.

  1. Hugo Bootstrap
  2. Clarity
  3. Mainroad

The first option almost has all I want, only lacks featured image support (the dev is great so this might get added soon). However, should I be worried that it has over 90 MB of node modules. Will this affect the maintenance, security and speed of the website?

The second option is expected to get search capability added next week, but lacks Next/Prev navigation in each post.

The third option would need a lot of work to adapt to how I want it.

Anyway, I really want to choose a theme and stick with it for many years, like I did with WordPress, since I’m going to spend a lot of hours adapting the front matter of 150 posts to it.

Any suggestions?

Check some of these themes:

  1. themes.gohugo.io
  2. jamstack.club
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I doubt that. Hugo generates static websites, ie HTML with some CSS. The node modules should only come into play when the site is generated, not when it’s accessed.


This is not true. Some modules are used to perform build tasks, others provide functionality to the site. It depends.




The developer of the Hugo Bootstrap theme already implemented the featured image function that I asked for. Really impressed with his skills and speed to reply. I’m going to adopt this theme.

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