Hugo Documentation Theme

I am seeking a powerful Hugo Documentation Theme to publish documents that I need to categorize.
Any suggestion?
I appreciate any help you can provide.

Doks, Hextra or Hugo Blox come to my mind.

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Docsy is also widely used.

Yes, I am currently using it, but I want to change it.

Just out of curiosity, may I ask why?

Docsy is more complicated than other themes, mainly in terms of the configuration of the pages, and it needs npm. It requires time to work on it to set up the theme correctly.
Yesterday, after the theme update, there were some errors.
I went crazy trying to understand the issue. In the end, I discovered the errors in the code, and I had to modify some files.
I am also using other themes, and the approach is more straightforward in Hugo’s spirit.
I am probably wrong, but I didn’t have a good experience with Docsy.


I’m using Hugo-Book (GitHub - alex-shpak/hugo-book: Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book)
I find very it very useful out of the box, you can extend it esaily, it provides injection to customize without knowing technics.
For documentation, that was the one I found as a good deal for simplicity, render and customization.


Thank you @Welsh