Which editor do you use to write Markdown content to publish in Hugo sites?

  • Google Docs
  • VS Code
  • Sublime text
  • Others(please specify in comments)
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VS code. I was using Sublime text before coz it uses less RAM/CPU but I prefer VS code coz of the built-in Source Control feature.

Vim (sometimes NeoVim). (It’s perhaps off the topic but my clients/partners use GitLab (various instances, not gitlab.com), both online IDE or basic editor.)

Write nearly everything in BBEdit, been using it for 25+ years. It is that good.


iA Writer and VS Code (or, sometimes, VSCodium). Have experimented with Neovim but — not yet. :slight_smile:

Kate, the text editor from KDE.

It just works.


neovim, rarely VS code.


MacDown and BBEdit. Mostly MacDown.

When the content is still a vague idea, it probably resides in my Obsidian vault.
When things get serious, I move to VSCodium (the better VSCode :wink:) because I also need git.

BBEdit is my primary editor

Geany on Linux

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I use emacs on ArchLinux through org mode.

Vim or Mousepad (xfce’s default text editor). Obsidian if I’m working on an article there.