Markdown Editor for non-technical people

We have a lot of markdown files created using site.
We are going to build a Hugo site with these markdown files.
What can be the best way to update these markdown files? We are looking for the Editor to update these files and after that to update our Hugo site.
Editing using site is one of the options. Do you know addition extensive Markdown Editor for non-technical people?
Thank you very much!


In the past I’ve used HackMD and Typora


For an online tool like a CMS, is simple and powerful.
If you want a software (client), a text editor with the right settings will do the job (like Atom or VScodium) (I find that a text editor is less technical than a word processor like Word), or something less technically oriented like Zettlr.

Can highly recommend iA Writer.


A lot of Markdown editors exist, and your choice depends on the platform (Win/Mac/Linux), the features you want and the technical skills of your end-users.
I’m using Vscodium with a bunch of extensions and tweaks, but I bookmarked these Apps, which could be easier to use:

See also this previous post on the same topic: Desktop CMS/GUI App for Hugo?

Notable seemed like a very cool and simple Markdown editor for non technical people but unfortunately it’s data folder structure is rather constraining and not ideal for a modern Hugo project, (that uses Page Bundles). Also the nested tags implementation is a bit weird and if one uses it, there may be problems with Hugo Taxonomies.

Notable does not quite fit in a Hugo workflow IMHO.

Regarding Joplin I posted about in another topic, it’s not quite the ideal Markdown editor that I need to find for a non-techical blogger.

Regarding Typora -that I posted about above- it went out of Beta recently and it is no longer free.
In the past I was not quite impressed with Typora, the writing experience was distraction free but there was a noticeable lag. They say that the new version is faster.

However if I am going to pay for a Markdown Editor then I would go for iAWriter. I have tested it on macOS and I found that it is a great simple tool to manage content files for a Hugo project.

I will be testing Ghostwriter soon and will post an update. It certainly seems promising, cross-platform and free.


I use Sublime Text. Found it easy to customise and use for markdown files.

I tested Obsidian and I am quite appalled by being unable to save files or save them as a copy, as is the standard way of managing files since time immemorial.

Whenever a file is opened in Obsidian it gets overwritten automatically and there is currently no way of turning off the autosave feature.

CMD+S or CMD+SHIFT+S do not exist. The functionality of manually saving files does not exist in Obsidian.

There is even a post from someone who uses Obsidian to manage the content files for a Hugo site and they cannot have the hugo server running while editing due to the constant overwriting that overloads the CPU.

Obisidian did seem cool but the lack of basic functionality is counter productive -to say the least-, so I do not recommend using it for Hugo projects.


Sublime Text is very easy to start with, powerful enough to handle multiple files and formats, and very extensible thanks to various packages.