Where does the "build with the last 2 Go versions" promise come from?

Continuing the discussion from Hugo 0.48 will be >= Go 1.11 Only:

@bep, I hadn’t heard of that practice before, and was wondering how it affects folks. I am well aware of the utility of having a portable binary available; what are the benefits of building against the last 2 go versions?

So, the number 2 is kind of random – and I’m not sure we promise it anywhere. But it’s there so

  • People who build from source can get some time to update their system
  • The above is probably more important if you depend on the Go version installed in the Ubuntu version or the CI you run etc.

In practice it’s not that big a deal. But we have had this “promise/policy” before I entered the scene, so to speak, so I created a thread to inform people.

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