Minimum golang version required?

I’m trying to update Hugo on my Solaris 11 system, which has golang v1.7. I successfully built v0.18 last year but now when I try to build git master via

$ go get -u -v

I get these failures:
/home/jmcp/gocode/src/ undefined: sort.SliceStable
/home/jmcp/gocode/src/ s.s.Deps.PathSpec.BaseURL.URL().Port undefined (type *url.URL has no field or method Port)

I’m not up to speed with Go itself just yet, so I’m unsure whether these failures are a result of not using golang 1.9, or some other reason.

I would really appreciate your clue-ing me in about this.

Thankyou in advance,

You can just update to the now-latest go 1.9.3… it’s a matter of simply:

  1. Downloading the go archive for your platform.
  2. Extracting to ~/go (or your path of choice), and have the PATH and GOROOT set correctly.

Thankyou for your reply, but you haven’t really answered my question :expressionless:

Solaris 11 doesn’t have Go 1.9 yet so I can’t just download it and get started.

Perhaps I should rephrase the question: what is the oldest version of Hugo that will build with Go v1.7 ?

To compile it you need >= Go 1.8. We have a “last two versions” policy.

But note that file watching (in hugo server) currently does not work on Solaris. There is an open issue about it.

To find a Go 1.7 friendly version, you will have to find the version before we started to use sort.Slice (new in Hugo 1.8) – or look at the Go 1.8 release date and pick one Hugo version around that time.

Ah, the old n-2 – we use that model for Solaris development too :slight_smile:
I’ll prod our golang maintainer and see what we can get happening.


If you work in a “Solaris shop” you can maybe add some weight to getting this fixed:

With that fixed we can produce Hugo binaries for Solaris.

My “Solaris Shop” is in fact Oracle’s Systems division. I’m well aware of the fsnotify thing and have been doing what I can to get that fixed. Long, sloooooow process.


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