Where can I find Hugo swag?

Any good place to find or create stuff with the Hugo logo(s)?

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Hugo is Open Source but the logo is not, the copyright is owned by the original Hugo creator.

Therefore there is no stuff with the Hugo logo as far as I know, except for the Hugo stickers that the current maintainer has printed.

The stickers can be seen on the maintainer’s GitHub Sponsors profile.


@bep (and whoever may be concerned) is there any appetite for licensing the H or HUGO logo graphics for creating some mugs or something similar?

I have a craving for a Hugo coffee mug! Potentially through a company like Zazzle or CustomInk (here in the States, at least).

Or maybe there’s a way to collect money (and demand) up front in some way, through preorders or a Kickstart-type campaign.

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The gopher hero is superb. I would absolutely wear a Hugo cap or shirt.

@bradbice I’ll CC @spf13 about this. This project has had surprising staying power, and we have put off the task of possibly creating a legal entity that could sell Hugo branded cups etc.

I’m sure it would be perfectly fine for individuals to order cups with the logo on it, but I agree that we should get this into more org. forms. I’ll email Steve and get this discussion somewhere.