Hugo Merchandise

Is there currently any way of obtaining Hugo merchandise?

Stickers, T-Shirts etc


The only stickers I’ve ever seen were ones that @spf13 had about a year ago. I would certainly love some stickers as well…

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Late to the party, but definitely a +1 on stickers/hats/shirts

Unless @bep or @spf13 say I can’t, I’m willing to create and distribute stickers. I don’t have the money to create thousands but I am willing to start with a couple hundred. Sounds like a fun thing to do.

Would people be cool with that?

Fine with me as long as distribution is free.


Shipping might be an issue but I’ll look into it.

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I’m happy to throw in a few bucks… :smile:


Same. Happy to send a few dollars for stickers!

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I’d certainly love a Hugo sticker, but is this a good idea? If you distribute Hugo merchandise the market size for official merchandise down the road becomes smaller, making it harder to get donations.

Unless there will never be official merchandise to support Hugo, then it doesn’t matter.

I’ve reached out to Bep before on what might come down the road and didn’t hear anything. If I make stickers, it’ll likely be a small 1-time run.

Spf13’s response of “distribution is free” means I can’t recoup my costs for shipping, which will add up. So I would likely not do anything big.