Hugo Visual Identity package / grafical logo

I am looking for the Hugo Visual Identity package, but I cant find it on google or in the documentation. Actually I dont know the name of the little blue Hugo gopher, best guess is it´s name is also Hugo.

Could someone share a link to the Visual Identity package?
It would be nice with different sizes, formats ect. for footers and so on.

I have some direct links to the creature.


Hugo is Open Source software but the Hugo logo is not available to be used because its copyright belongs to the original Hugo creator. Therefore there is no Visual Identity package available. The files you linked to above are for use on the Hugo websites.

cc: @bep

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Thanks, well just wanted a little gopher logo indicating the site was built with Hugo…

Isn’t the logo of a tool, not the graphical identity on their website, what is supposed to indicate that?

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