When on custom domain, website doesn't update


So I’ve successfully linked my repository up, one for my project and another for the website which is hosted on GitHub (https://github.com/NickWerren/NickWerren.github.io)

I’m experiencing an odd problem: when I update my local file and push it, everything updates in the right place. But when I look at the website - I don’t see my changes.

Here’s a check I did: If we look at line 162 of my Index.html file in the GitHub hosting repository linked above, then we see: “Quantized Crow is an online space for science, culture, and music.”

But if we visit my custom domain: https://www.quantizedcrow.com/ we see " Quantized Crow is an online space for music, culture, and science." [I changed around the order of the words]

When I change back to just simply hosting my website on Git Hub pages I see my updates but I have problems with the URLs (in particular I think it’s an issue with relative and absolute URLs).

I’ve cleared my cache to check if something is floating around on my browser but that hasn’t changed anything. Perhaps it might be something to do with how I’m using Netlify to deploy my website? There must be some crossed wires somewhere because I think maybe my GitHub domain isn’t properly being hosted, and when I choose to use a custom domain with Git Pages, I’m just redirecting to some previously deployed site that I can’t access locally?

Here’s some images (I’ll have to post them one at a time because of post restrictions) to help illustrate what I’m seeing:

I have changed the above highlighted description in the code.

If I run it straight from GitHub then we see my update but if you look at the bottom of the image you see that my links are broken.

if you want to host it under https://www.quantizedcrow.com/, then you must change your baseURL config to https://www.quantizedcrow.com/

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Thank you! I changed the baseURL and it appears to be fixed, although I need to see if I can update it.