What markdown editor do you use?


Vim for… a very long time. Now Neovim. Almost always in a Linux environment (even if a Virtualbox guest OS).


Have you looked at vscodium, FLOSS build without much of the telemetry: https://github.com/VSCodium/vscodium#install-with-package-manager

I’ve been using sublime text, tried VScode again a couple of weeks ago and seem to have made the switch. Just installed VSCodium after reading about it on another thread here, so we’ll see.

For pure markdown I’ll add another ‘me to’ for Ghostwriter.


By default “VS Code” show you a preview of what your markdown file looks like. In my opinion, I’ve learned how to type in markdown, It’s not that hard, except for creating tables. But if you want a simple editor, “Typora” is a good one.


Sublime Text — but sometimes it does not support Chinese input.
So I also use online editor https://stackedit.io/


Yes, BBEdit rocks! I use it for a lot of things. :slight_smile: (Still use Vim in Terminal.)
And I use IA Writer for papers, articles etc.
But I always pull up BBEdit to fix things (search&replace etc).

Used to use Sublime Text for most stuff (and TextMate before that). :slight_smile:
Also used Emacs and MacVim etc. Chocolat was also pretty cool. :smile:


I also use vim/neovim a little, especially when editing files on remote servers. I highly recommend vimtutor for anyone that wants to learn Vim, even if it’s only how to quit :wink:

Just type ‘vimtutor’ at your command line to read, do and learn.

I was stuck in an xkcd strip regularly until I found out about this…


Very late to this party, but just something that may be helpful to those using iA Writer to do .md files for Hugo. iA Writer has an inline footnote capability that works fine except that it doesn’t work the same way as Pandoc does, and that of course is what Hugo “wants.” However, the good news is that you can write an inline footnote in iA Writer in the Pandoc fashion and, while it looks bad in iA Writer’s Markdown preview, it works fine in Hugo. Example:

^[Inline notes are easier to write, since you don't have to pick an identifier and move down to type the note. See [here](https://github.com/Witiko/markdown/issues/3) for an example of what I mean.]

(That first sentence is a partial quote from that link.) It looks just like that in iA Writer and its Markdown preview but Hugo makes it a normal footnote.