What is Hugo Gopher's Name?

I didn’t think this would be my first post, but here it goes. I have been using Hugo for a little while now and was just asked to do a presentation on it and thought I would add a little humor using the gopher. I wanted to call him/her/it something, but I don’t know how to address the gopher, other than as a gopher which seems… underwhelming. I search the forum and can’t find a reference anywhere to the gopher name. So I thought I would ask… What is the name? I know this is not relevant to really anything, but thought I would ask.

I always thought it was Hugo.

Well I guess if no other names come then I guess that’s it. :slight_smile:

I think it’s just ‘gopher’. I you go to a 404 page (like this one), the ‘Hugo gopher’ image that shows there is simply called gopher in its file name.

There’s a related question here, and there it’s also called “Hugo gopher”.

In the commits on Hugo docs it’s simply called “gopher”.

We determined its name was “Little Bep”. It is gender-neutral, and enjoys pear juice, but not the carbonated stuff.

I’m sure there’s other stuff, I didn’t remember it all, so others can fill in the details.


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