New Docs Site Released!

It looks great – and you gotta try the search!

Spread the word!


Saw it this morning. Amazing. Getting better every day.

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Loving it! :slight_smile:

One small thing that can make it better: when I click on the links in the TOC of an article, it doesn’t update the browser URL. That means I can’t quickly jump back and forth in the document with the browser’s previous and next feature.


@Jura - that’s a good point. The JS that implements smooth scrolling does removes it. I’ll have a look at it when I get a chance. Could you drop an issue here, please?

Maybe it is an easter egg, but what is the “Hugo Gopher”?

It’s the lesser known cousin of the Golang mascot. The “Hugo Gopher” actually powers our favorite SSG by spinning it’s hamster wheel :wink:

Some people rumor that he’s living with a software developer in Oslo, Norway right now.


The News page looks like this:

Should the “July Release”, “June Release”, etc titles be made more descriptive and non-repetitive? May be, something like Release v0.25.1 - Bugfix instead of July Release (July 10), and Release v0.25 - Kinder Surprise instead of the less exciting July Release (July 7) :slight_smile:

Have a look at

The new Docs Site looks really nice! Is it still possible to clone the the Docs repo from github and build the site localy for offline usage?
I just tried to, but when I render the site with hugo it throws a lot error messages. It also does not generate a index.html only a index.xml

The errors are referencing the partial svg/exclamation.svg like:

ERROR 2017/07/17 21:25:11 error processing shortcode "shortcodes/warning.html" for page "themes\\": template: shortcodes/warning.html:3:4: executing "shortcodes/warning.html" at <partial "svg/exclama...>: error calling partial: Partial "svg/exclamation.svg" not found

Am I doing something wrong? I’m using hugo v0.25.1 to render the page without any command line arguments.

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.25.1 windows/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-07-12T21:59:22+02:00

You need to clone it to include the theme submodule. Try:

 git submodule update --init

That fixed it. I’m always failing if there are submodules in a git repository :cry:

Thank you so much for the fast reply!

Yea, we need to document this better as well. Also note that I have not yet gotten to merging the new docs into the main Hugo code repos – so from you will still get the old docs.


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Wow, gopher in Norwegian is spelled really weird. For the protocol I hope they were able to shorten it to just hffhfh://. :slight_smile:

Folks can also check out!

wow this is great - great work!

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Thanks for all the work on the new documentation.

Is there a way to get a printable version of the entire documentation (ie a single HTML page of all of the content)? I’ve seen it was mentioned in the past here but nothing else.

Also, is anyone working or planning to work on writing a book describing how to use Hugo in great details? I would happily buy one if one were available.

I don’t think such a book is gonna stay relevant anytime soon. We get new releases fairly frequently, so I imagine it is down the road(map) before someone gets that published.

Online guides ought to abound, though.