Website: E-help

Using HUGO i have put together this e-pomoc means e-help The content is not in English language.

i only did the subdomain, the rest is not me. I am not sure if i can say i used HUGO as it should be or as i could have. I am not a designer or a programmer. I attempted some “advanced stuff” and quickly found myself in The Undiscovered Country (golang docs).

The purpose of the website is to provide some self help or support to faculty personal, mostly teaching staff, along with some other information.

Each page includes {{ .Hugo.Generator }} It works (or it should) ok in firefox, safari and chrome. It displays satisfactory in ie and edge although there are some glitches, but since this is not a commercial web page i do not care for those who actually use such browsers. Nibbler gives it a rating of 7,7 and if you ignore the popularity and social media presence ratings it is close to 10. If that means anything.

Previously i used Drupal but since i am the only person changing the content and since the content itself does not change often i decided to drop the cms. Drupal is nice and all, has great modules like views and panels but also had some issues with it.

So i already had most of the text content from before and a vague idea on how i want to change the design. It used to look very different. The photos on the website were also made by me.