Any recommendations for Hugo SEO help? (Commercial)

I would appreciate recommendations for someone that understands both Google Search Console and Hugo that can tell me what my problems are. Our domain was one of the leaders in our industry and since I have published the new Hugo site to our webhost (via FTP - same host) - we have fallen off of Google’s world and I really need to figure out why. I’ve gotten rid of the built-in analytics template and just put the google code in the head partial.

Not looking for free help.
Would appreciate recommendations for people or commercial entities that I can give access to the Google Search Console/Analytics to see what is going on.

Thanks for tolerating a question that is not necessarily about running Hugo, but running it in a way that doesn’t break SEO on the generated pages. We have holiday shutodown coming up and I would love to find someone that can have our issues fixed by the time we return in early Jan. 2023

what were you using before hugo

It was a simple static site made from a template (not a SSG).
URLs are different. It is for a machine manufacturer, so the individual machine pages are now:
when before they were
Also my naming convention for “machine_name” may be different than it was before.

can you share your website link here?

When you fall down?
In recent months there were plenty google updates including couple days ago spam update.

If it start with helpful content update, than nothing new.

Share link to website and we can advise.

The problem is that SEO got not so much to do with recent changes, is more about content etc.

Here how ups and down looks like on one of my websites. Even that website is not penalised, plenty websites that been bavklinkkng to it are removed and that’s why so much changes happens.

My advise is to sit right and watch but to say more we need to link to website. You can send in privateesaage if you want.

Hello @darrenaddy,

I saw your entire requirement and would love to help you with SEO.

Kindly reach me out via Rishabh at plaxonic dot com

I am looking forward to speaking with you!


There are a lot of things you can improve with your website.

The type of website you have is similar to my employer and this hasn’t been impacted by any of the recent changes in google but as you can see, there is a pattern in traffic.

Just visiting your homepage my question, from SEO perspective is, why <title> contain the word Home Page. Thats the worse from the start (basic SEO mistake).

Your website is not using any structured data

and performance is not great

You don’t have any brand promotion in title etc.

Starting with this in head.html

<title>{{ if .IsHome }}{{ .Site.Title }} - {{ .Site.Params.description }}{{ else }}{{ if gt (len .Title) 70 }}{{ .Title }}{{ else }}{{ with .Title  }}{{ . }} - {{ end }}{{ .Site.Params.Title_short }}{{ end }}{{ end }}</title>

{{- $description := or (.Description) (.Site.Params.Description) -}}
{{ if $description -}} <meta name="description" content="{{ $description }}"> {{- end }}

where in config.toml

title = "Triad Machines"

  title_short = "TRIAD"
  description = "Manufacturer of machines for various industries."

I would seriously consider an About page as well. As looking at the homepage I struggle a bit with how to describe your business in just a few words (description).

There is a long list of things that you can improve.

Have a look at some of my posts that may be useful for you starting from the last (scroll to the bottom).

and my other Hugo websites listed here

One more annotation about your issue. You can improve SEO and other aspects but do not expect this to be “fixed” for start of January. If anybody will promise you that, they will be lying to you. SEO doesn’t work straight away, it need time. Currently with all changes happening in Google algorithm even of you will fix all I will still expect to see impact in 3-6 months time, maybe quicker if you will be doing some promotion to gain visitors.


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