Hugo Server layout appearance different

Hello all,

I had successfully pushed a Hugo site and hosted on Netlify. I came back to update some content on my site so as usual I initiated Hugo Server to see the changes live. However, the server site now looks different than my actual website. Some parts of the theme seem to work but the others are not. The color schemes are off as well. Any idea why?

The theme I used is the Shell theme by Yukuro GitHub - Yukuro/hugo-theme-shell: Hugo Shell theme : Terminal-like theme with selectable color schemes.

Thank you.


Cannot reproduce as when site is run is not looking like on screenshot above hence you need to check your depo as you provided link to Theme only and not your site.

thats what only I got.

From your screenshot you got issue with loading CSS correctly but cannot evaluate further without link to website or repo.

Thank you. I did a CSS style comparison from my code to the theme code and fished out the error. It works now.

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