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I am not sure whats going on, if this somehow got filtered or I live in a parallel universe, because I never heard of this on the discourse, but somehow think it can’t have escaped y’alls attention and it’s not too very new, also the developer did no self-marketing for it, so here it goes:

There is a plugin for VSCode that is called “Frontmatter” which offers a CMS inside of VSCode on top of your Hugo repo. It’s all “one clicky setup” with many ways to configure it. For normal uses (think no leaf bundles) without any configuration, for specific things with plenty of options to configure. It transforms the frontmatter into nifty forms and also works with article images (only one per post, but that’s alright).

Here is the link:

And the developer is using it with Hugo, so I guess there is an open ear for feature requests that help us Hugoans.

One note: if you want to test it, make a backup of your project. There is a feature, that updates lastmod-timestamps automatically when you save a file. Which in production is quite nice, but while you are testing things out it might be annoying to git restore file.md all the time when you add a frontmatter value. There is an easy opt-out with a checkbox for this feature.


I have already posted about Front Matter, about 4 months ago:

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terrible choice, if you us comments or numbers with . in the front matter. This plugin removed all comments and keep changing the values given in front matter to some other numbers, I didn’t realise for few days after which it was alot of manual work to fix this. So, I will say it is a risky plugin to use.


It’s only a terrible choice if you don’t know what you are doing. That’s what I meant by the distinction between normal and specific uses. All frontmatter variables can be set up in the configuration and proper setup prevents deleted items. I am pretty sure depending on the type of frontmatter “numbers with .” (floats) are prohibited without making them into a string, which then when parsing it as number results in null, etc… etc… etc…

If you have specific requirements for the frontmatter then create a configuration for them:

With great powers…

And I hearted that post. So it’s a parallel universe situation :smiley: