Front Matter CMS running in VS Code for Hugo and other static site generators

There is a new CMS running in VS Code for Hugo and other static site generators.

It’s called Front Matter CMS and @zivbk1 posted about it over here, however this deserves its own topic as people need to know about it.

Front Matter is an essential Visual Studio Code extension that simplifies working and managing your markdown articles. We created the extension to support many static-site generators like Hugo…

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I have applied it successfully to a couple of Hugo sites so far and am now trying it out with a SvelteKit site. The developer has been super responsive to feature requests and bug reports. I have combined this extension with and have a super portable development environment that is dedicated/customized to each project. No more messing with Git authentication for multiple accounts, managing different versions of npm packages, installing GB of junk to my local computer, etc. It’s a dream combo to have all that and then a super easy to use ‘CMS’ for the files in the content directory, media assets, etc.


Thank you very much @onedrawingperday for mentioning it. @zivbk1 has been an awesome contributor already with many great ideas and feedback.

It is actually great to see how people are starting to adopt it. I hope you all would like to give it a try, and if you see something weird, or something that can be done better. Just let me know as the main goal is of Front Matter is to make everyone’s lives easier for managing their websites.


I will be testing it for a project in the coming month and let you know if I see anything.

Thank you very much for this tool!

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