Using Mailchimp with Hugo

Hi everybody,
I want to add an email subscription pop up form to my website. I decide to use Mailchimp, i create a pop up and i connected my website to Mailchimp. Everyting seems ok but pop up doesnt show up on my website. What could be the problem? Should i add something to config.toml?

There is no way someone can help you based on the information you provided. You should upload an example to something like GitHub or GitLab and remove any private API keys. Contact forms work fine on Hugo, and I’d encourage you to first look at the source code and see if there is any issues with it after being generated by Hugo where you’re moderately confident that the issue is being created by Hugo. If your question is about how to get a Mailchimp contact form to work on a website, then the appropriate place to ask would be the Mailchimp community or a web development group. This community should be dedicated to helping resolve Hugo-specific questions.

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