Adding forms to GoHugo - Cool article by Typeform

Was just looking around for google form alternatives, and found this. Looks like I will be utilizing this service myself.

Some cool features include google sheets and mailchimp integration via Zapier.

It’s good to see GoHugo getting recognition.


It actually looks like the the head of API at Typeform is a GoHugo fan. His own website uses it:

Indeed I love Hugo! I’ve tried other static generators like Jekyll, and it was painful to setup and maintain. I actually extracted this snippet when I added a typeform as a contact form to my blog site (as you noticed!).
We’re becoming a bit of a heavy Golang shop, so our own devs are hoping to use it for static site projects where we might want to embed a typeform in the future.


@jharmn Yeh, I was scoping out how the Typeform embedding works when I saw the article. It’s good to see it gaining momentum.

I am probably going to be implementing Typeform with google sheets integration as a reviews backend for my GoHugo website. Typeform looks pretty amazing.

@Jonathan_Griffin we’re close to launching a Mailchimp integration, if keeping track of contact emails helps you out.
Either way, we’d love to hear how it works out, or if you have any issues.

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Mailchimp integration will be really great and something I definitely plan to integrate. I should be starting to work on this section of the new site in about 2-3 weeks time so will let you know if I have any questions at that time.