Adding Email Auto-response to a Hugo website

I am wondering if it is possible to add an email autoresponse to a Hugo website?
Currently, I am using Formspree to gather emails. I was wondering if there is a, preferably free, way to send an auto-response to the emails that people register.

Thanks for your help.

This is not a Hugo issue but something the provider of your form-evaluation can offer/do. Check if formspree offers some form of auto-response. I guess they will have it in the paid-tier.

Hugo can’t send emails.

They do :wink:

@davidsneighbour thanks for your response. I see that they have a paid-tire, I was wondering if someone knows a way to do this for free or a cheaper way. So based on your answer, there is nothing on the Hugo side that can be done and I need to find a service provider, correct?

Using a different provider will help. Mailchimp does it for free up to 2k recipients per month.

@davidsneighbour thanks so much for letting me know. Do you know if like Formspree I can used HTML code on my website to add a subscription form for Mailchimp?

Please try asking at the relevant support channels of the aforementioned services.

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