Using hugo theme for professional (consulting) web site

Hi Guys,

I feel I just lost a potential client for not having a website. Initial presentations went very well and went I left there was talk of starting yesterday. Well within the last one week, something came, and he said today they want someone within the company.

I am comfortable with front-end tools, in using Hugo and currently have a blog on AWS. I intend to connect this blog to the main website via a menu link (and probably have subscriptions in the future – I don’t have that now).

I have a domain name right now and I want to develop a professional looking website. My focus is on three areas: Technical Consulting, Software Development, Training & Personal Development.

My intent is to show technical expertise and high professionalism so I wouldn’t mind working with a difficult template.

I will appreciate suggestions and recommendations. I may also host some dynamic content if possible (e.g, show demos of a tool) so other possible solutions are also welcome.

Thanks guys.

Look through the themes at and also the “showcase” link at the top of the page.

To me, a well laid-out site with good typography says “professional”. This is good information on that topic:


I will look through those themes and pick on .

The site at the typography link is very interesting. After taking a brief peek, I realized I have to update my other documents too, e.g., CV.


Fortunately, Hugo makes short work of updating a site.

In my opinion, a consultant’s site should make clear the benefits of services (what will the viewer as a potential client get) and, list up the past successes, like in a portfolio.

Old sites but well designed (edit: from the typography perspective, but not necessarily, as @alexandros points out, from the mobile friendly perspective): and

One of those sites you linked to uses paragraph justification. That’s a bad typographic choice for the web. There are rivers in that text block on my smarphone.

Never justify unless you check how the text flows in different screens.

And keep it simple.

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You’re right, they’re old and mobile-unfriendly.