Using Hugo for freelance clients

Hi there,

I am very new to this world, so please bear with me!

I am wanting to build blog websites for freelance work and wondered if HUGO is a good tool for this, rather than going down the route of PHP and node.js etc?

Thank you

Yes it is.

The more detailed answer is out there. Google “why static site generator” or something.


It depends on the project and also whether you will be updating the site yourself or whether you will educate your clients -if they are willing to learn- about managing a Hugo site.

There are CMS options out there for static site generators, but these ones are either expensive or for the ones that are free you will need to configure your server manually.

For ecommerce in particular, Hugo is probably not ideal if you need a full shopping cart. There are a few paid JS shopping carts out there, that can be added to a Hugo site, but transaction costs with these JS carts will be far more expensive than other solutions in the PHP route.

For other kinds of sites i.e. blogs, one-page presentations, portfolio sites, documentation sites etc. Hugo rocks! And your clients will have an ultra fast and lean site that will not need expensive hosting.

Thanks for that, most useful.

Just so I’m clear, I can create my own custom html and css in a code editor like brackets, then use HUGO to allow for blogging capabilities, without going into databases and back end languages.
I could then use a tool like DatoCMS, to make it easy for clients to edit and manage their posts?

Sure you can.

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Fab. And sorry, last question (i promise!); so I build a custom html and css site, but when it comes to the blogging section of the site, I can just use a HUGO theme?

A Hugo theme contains all the CSS and HTML that will make your site function. so either choose the one you think that suits you and modify it or start from scratch.

But before everything make sure to read the Quick Start guide on the Docs.

Ok, thank you very much