Using a framework like bootstrap or Material design

I try to program a Hugo theme. I like the idea of Google’s Material Design. When I use the Material Design Components from Google I get some problems with the Grid layout. Jonathanulco wrote in a post that I should use the property css grid and save a considerable weight to the css. What are your opinions about a framework like bootstrap or Material design?

Well it depends on what look and feel you want. Material Design has a very specific identity. So if you want your app to look like Google’s products go for that.

Bootstrap is kind of huge in its scope. If you are developing a big project then why not use it? But for a smaller site… Hm… It’s a bit of an overkill. IMO…

I agree with @alexandros. Bootstrap is way too massive, and Material design makes your site look like it’s from Google. That’s not necessarily bad but, there are a lot of them out there.

These days I prefer the lightweight which is pretty easy to extend if you need to, and comes with a cssnext pipeline. I’m working on sites in Japanese, and CJK fonts are heavy so, I want as light a css as I can get.

I’ve also used which is pretty light as well. It’s been a couple years but, it appears to now be feature complete as of last year?

You can mix and match in many cases, for instance using some responsive grid with Tachyons. Just watch out for class name overlap.