Your Preferred Frontend Framework for Theme Development?

I am looking for a framework to learn. I’m coming from a handcoded (albeit several years ago) environment where BBedit and I enjoyed a love affair with HTML and CSS in separate files. You might say I am, uh… Vintage… yes, that’s it.

My philosophy is “mobile first” so I want to design responsively.

What is your preferred frontend framework for Theme development? Do you use Bootstrap? Foundation? Something else?

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For your real question, I delegate to @budparr and similar, who really know this stuff.

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PLEASE don’t feed my domain name addiction.
LMBO. -chuckle-

Can you believe Forbes is weighing in on this?

@val, for the last couple of years, I’ve liked and If you read the principles docs on those sites, you can get an idea of the differences, although they are developed by the same guy.

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I agree with @RickCogley.

Bootstrap is very good, Foundation as well… try them and make your own point of view, that’s the best way to get an overall idea.

One option for those wanting to replace Bootstrap and Foundation is UIkit, although it seems that V3 is not ready (yet).

I’m in the same boat wanting to learn a framework in order to develop/customize some themes for Hugo and Bulma is nice (and light) one with a recently developed Hugo theme.

However, it might be that I’ll end up with Bootstrap considering that I like Pinegrow Ui tool which in next (soon to be released V3) version is going to have SASS support as well as Bootstrap-4. (Foundation is also one of the supported frameworks.)


Thank you for your frontend framework suggestions. I asked with a view toward Hugo Theme development and settled on Tachyons for its ease-of-use.

The grid css is familiar to me (from many HTML/CSS file development moons ago) so I can more easily move forward with Hugo Theming. Instead of learning a framework, I can continue learning Hugo.

Hey, @val - if you’re interested, here’s a Hugo theme I developed using Tachyons:

Demo Repo:

The theme is annotated, though for the moment, just the Hugo parts. I was thinking of annotating some of the CSS to help people manipulate it, particularly colors and such.

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Ahh that is yours. :smile: I intended to employ Ananke to help me learn how to template in Hugo.

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Well if you have any questions, you can drop an issue in the theme’s repo, or my slack

And even more reason why I need to get off my lazy a&* and write a new Quick Start using @budparr’s awesome new theme :smile:

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And images, please.

Just read that article. And I’m not quite sure what the author means by:

instead of having the page flash and reload on each click, a front-end framework can keep the common parts of the page intact (like navigation, etc.) and simply load whatever new data the user has requested.

I don’t use a framework and yet I never have my navigation “flash” on page load while going through internal links.

IMO frameworks are great for larger web apps. For simpler sites they may be a bit of an overkill.

Also I prefer to write my own CSS so that I know it like the back of my hand.

BTW great theme @budparr I was checking out Ananke the other day. I have a question though. Is the name a reference to The Wicked + The Divine?

Thank you, @alexandros - Ananke comes from the first page of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre-Dame The quote it’s from is in the hero of the about page:

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