Is anybody interested to contribute to "material components for the web" based theme?

I have started a private theme based on material components for the web. I could easily keep it private or I could make it public if anyone is interested in contributing or going over it every once in a while.

Hugo is barely a hobby project to support my wife’s website. The theme will cover about 3 archetypes:

  • blog entry
  • material entry (digital product like PDF)
  • legal pages
  • about page
  • index

Nothing special and is a rework of universal theme I use today on website. The main goal of the theme is to make it trully usable on phones, tablets and desktop.

If anyone is interested in helping I will make an effort and create a public github project. Otherwise, it is easier to keep it private.

I will benefit from basic feedback on what is the idiomatic solution in Hugo is for problems I am trying to solve. I obviously have HTML and CSS experience (I am a backend developer), but it is not my core competency and Hugo is not firmly embedded in my mind.