A complete prod Hugo setup with Free Firebase Hosting, CI/CD & Web-Editing -- A Tutorial Series

I’ve started a brief tutorial series on creating a Hugo site on GCP & Firebase Hosting. When you’re done you’ll have a prod-ready Hugo site, with CI/CD & free hosting on Firebase

  • How to Set up Google Cloud Shell and edit online from any device
  • Creating a new Hugo site and pushing your site to a private GCP repository (Github/Gitlab is optional)
  • Hosting your site for free with Firebase Hosting – scale up to a large audience easily
  • Auto build & deploy using Cloud Builders

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Leave comments here or on the tutorial if you have questions or want to expand the tutorial.


Very cool, thanks! I should give google cloud shell and gcp a try.

I edit locally in VS Code, push to gitlab, then gitlab CI/CD upload to Firebase.

How mobile friendly is your setup? I am looking for the most efficient solution to update my site from my phone, and haven’t found a good way to do it yet.

if you put your phone in desktop mode you can open the cloud shell and edit files. I recommend a bluetooth keyboard to make life easier, but emergency changes can be done

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