Trouble with basic demo!

After a frustrating few hours trying, I still can’t seem to get the basic demo working:

(1) launch command: hugo server --baseUrl=“” --appendPort=false

(because apparently “hugo server” overrides the baseURL setting in the config file, and unless appentPort is set to false, the port gets added; but I’m using virtual server with nginx proxying to the hugo server. I don’t want clients to need to see the port added. But that’s not the source of the problem. The HTML in public is just wrong, in that it does not include the right paths to themes, etc).

(2) config file:

baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
theme = "hugo-uno"
title = “Aqua Air Laboratories, Inc”

(3) the problem – theme files aren’t being included properly, here’s what the links to include css and javascript look like in the generated HTML:

Note the mangled href value. The uno.min.css file definitely doesn’t live at that URL! The subdirectory names where these files live aren’t being incorporated into the HTML. I’m not sure what the generator’s doing at this point, but it’s not working right (for me).

I’ve probably done something dumb, but what is it?


Which version of hugo are you using? What does your site directory look like?

You seem to have lost the generated HTML in your copy+paste, too.

Oh, boy. The domain name without www is resolving in my browser but not outside. Adding www to the baseURL finally worked. Your question helped. And sorry for the boneheaded issue.