[Solved] Site Appears Correctly with Local Server, Not when Accessed from the Web


New to Hugo, and trying to get a site to work.

Using the hugo-universal-theme, I’ve gotten a multi-page site up and running using the local server (hugo server --watch). The theme’s carousel feature works great, the styling is correct, and so forth.

When I upload it to the online server, however (using either straight “hugo” or “hugo --theme=hugo-universal-theme” commands), the HTML comes through fine, locally-linked files and the like are all there, but the pages are entirely missing the theme/css/etc.

Based on other, similar queries I’ve found in searching for an answer, I’ve made sure that the links in the index file are correct, and that there are no missing or double / characters in the js or css file addresses. I’ve also made sure that the baseURL is correct in the config.toml file.

Help in where to start figuring out what might be going on is appreciated! If code examples / site links would be helpful, please say so. Thank you!

Have you set the baseurl in your config.toml? Look at the source view of your page, my guess is that the stylesheet(s) have the wrong URL…

Thanks for the reply. The baseurl was correct as such; but it made me ask a question: what else might be wrong about the baseurl? So I changed it from https:// to // in front of the url in the string, and things suddenly worked. Thank you!