Hugo site not rendering

Hi, I’ve been trying to make Hugo working for 3 days but I can’t understand what I do wrong.

When I turn on Hugo server, the site is displayed correctly. However, when I render it by typing Hugo the site is all messed up with just basic html with no layout. This is my site: - Google Drive .

` hugo env

hugo v0.81.0+extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate=unknown

I think you need to set a baseURL in your config.toml file. At the moment your CSS file is being referenced at ‘example dot com’:
Your CSS file is present on the correct url:
This problem is affecting the links to other pages on the site as well.


I’ve tried to do that but it doesn’t seem to work, I still get everything messed up.

If you want to have a look here’s what I get:

Why do I need to set base url? I’ve seen many tutorials but nobody said that.
Thank you for your time @andytough.

Hi, Sorry, I think the way I phrased my first comment may have been confusing.

The baseURL in the config.toml file should be set to:

The theme makers Github page has a sample config.toml file that might help.

You might like to run through this tutorial to get an idea of how Hugo works.

This page lists external resources for learning Hugo. I found Mike Dane’s video tutorial particularly helpful.

thank youuuu, it worked!!

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Great news! It is looking good.

Not quite there…

The protocol in the baseURL should be https.

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