Thumbnailing\watermarking images on copy

I apologise rising the same thing once again, but maybe someone share a trick with me.

I’m badly need to have basic gallary features like thumbnails and watermarks.
Is there any chance to hook a copy process without changing the hugo itself?

Thanks in advance!

related issue

The issue needs a lot of specing first.

But in the mean time you should turn to tier services like Cloudinary, they do watermarking.

You can watermark in the terminal using ImageMagick, as well as do other processing.

Perhaps if you watermark that way (or using a GUI app like Photo Mechanic or Lightroom or Capture One), then save to a directory in your hugo project, hugo can do the thumbnail creating via its bundle feature.

Thanks for suggestion, right now I do index file for all used images and postprocess it with imagemagic. (Resize + Watermark) and it is hackish way.
As for now resizing can be nicely replaced by internal hugo image processing module.
Watermarking is the only piece of puzzle left