Hugo expert with experience in self hosted Decap cms and use 3rd party tools to automate

Hi there,

My brain is giving up on Hugo, I am looking for someone who have:

  • expert knowledge of Hugo
  • Good knowledge of self hosted Decap cms
  • good knowledge of using 3rd party tools in Hugo

The project is a real estate website, agents upload listings via Decap cms, I want all the images uploaded by agents to clear watermark using watermark removal tool then add watermark on all images using Hugo image filter.

I need you in the first stage to customise the Decap cms and make use of watermark removal and in the second stage move this setting to self hosted vps.

Please provide required time and cost for this project

thanks for taking the time to make a bid.

This assignment is not one for me. However, I have a few suggestions/options, from complex to simple:

  • build a deploy pipeline (on your server or on Netlify) that preprocesses these images using third party software
  • write a nigthly cron that removes the watermarks (using this third party software) and rebuild your hugo website daily; this assumes you can easily identify which images have watermarks
  • point your agents to and let them preprocess their images manually, which also avoids most legal issues (as YOU did not remove the watermarks)
  • leave the watermarks on the images, because removing watermarks is 9 out of 10 times illegal (even when people say it is not)

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