Using 3rd party tools with Hugo?

Hi there,

Since Hugo let me add node modules as well as Hugo modules something similar to golang modules which allows me to add 3rd party tools easily.

Q: how can I use a 3rd party such as Watermark removal in a way which does not affect Hugo build times.

I have a listing site and only with few listings which is 100 listings with 20-30 images each listing so a total of 2000-3000 images. what is the recommended method to process these images so I can remove watermarks and then add custom watermark to these images using Hugo image filter etc.

Is there something which Hugo recommends which can

  1. Keep the build times short
  2. make sure the future release of Hugo will not break the functionality of image processing

Thanks a lot for taking the time.

Watermarks have been put there by someone for a purpose. If you own the original I suggest that you just add another watermark of your choice. If you don’t own the originals, then it suggest a copyright issue.