Thought: Hugo as basis for a low code webapp builder

We’re embarking on an ambitious project to serve communities of all kinds to build local economic networks (enabling trade when cash is scarce through collaborative finance, if you are interested).

This means we will likely spend the next few years building one-off simple apps for relatively small user groups (10 - 5000). While these will be one-offs, they will use a limited range of services, mashed up and configured in unique ways (the roadmap is to do this for a while and recognise the patterns before we start to build generics that can be white-labelled).

If we’re successful in our aim of building this out (as in 'scale out, not ‘scale up’) as a Social Franchise, there will be a large number of these, and we want people to be able to build them without being engineers or even front-end coders - more like ‘service designers’.

We built our first client website with hugo, and we like it.

It occurred to us that hugo for development (through some sort of meta-theme?), plus netlify (or near equivalent) for server and serverless functions, plus serverless database (planetscale, supabase), plus a few other elements, might be the basis to build an ecosystem of tools.

Would be very interested in any comments/thoughts. Is this crazy?

Is this something that might attract a wider community of OSS contributors to work on - as it could well apply in other domains, too?

Here’s a longer doc.


Hi @dilgreen
It is hard to understand what feedback you expect from users.

I looked into your document and from myself, I can suggest you a simple implementation of PWA to your main website, as don’t see that you got this done.

Hi @idarek,

Thank’s for the PWA post link - very useful.

I am asking 2 questions;

  1. is this crazy?
  2. can ppl imagine others wanting to contribute to the project of a ‘meta-theme’ which works towards being a low-code PWA builder?