A Commercial PWA-Ready Company Listing Site using Hugo

Hello there! Just to showcase that Hugo is capable of delivering a commercial PWA static sites here (try use android phone and see):

However, it will be our last project using Hugo not because of it but rather, we’re dealing with too many data processing here and there on our sides. Coding them with Go template (where Hugo is based on) is really not viable. My team will have to use Go directly from now on.

At the same time, my team wanna thanks Hugo team for producing this awesome product. =)

Some queries in the past by our peers:

  1. Personally I find Hugo is A LOT better for designing and prototyping modern web pages (direct CSS+HTML+JS). I started with Angular but eventually ditched all the JS frameworks. So many security patches zzz.
  2. CSS is powerful enough that I can code it directly without depending on Sass anymore.
  3. JS involvement is little (most of it are touching up + animation where CSS cannot reach).

Cheers & peace out!

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Nice !

Note that some icons do not show properly, like in the list

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Thanks for the feedback. Haha…=)