Need Help Finding Hugo Developers

Hi Everyone,

My question is: Does anyone have tips on how to identify developers with experience and interested in developing with Hugo?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place, so please let me know if not. However, I have been looking everywhere and cannot find any organisations that do web development using Hugo.

A bit more information to give some context about our background:
We are a non-profit organisation looking for a developer to build a theme for our website using Hugo as our static site generator. We already have mock-up designs in Figma, so now we need an organisation that can bring those designs to life for us.

We posted an RFQ ( and contacted many organisations directly however no one was interested in utisng Hugo. So we have now reposted it as an open call. Our technology team is really interested in using this platform so if there is any help you can offer for finding organisations that build using Hugo that would be great thanks.

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Thank you for posting this project here.

I have been working as a Hugo and Jekyll developer for over 7+ years. I also own a startup company ( Vyomnet Technologies (OPC) Private Limited , our website is being redeveloped to showcase our new products ) that exclusively works in static site generators ( Hugo and Jekyll ).

As an upcoming static site only development company, we aim to find more customers like you who are confident and willing to use the latest and best current web development has to offer.

We look forward to working on this project, given we meet your requirements.

I will review your project and will send a proposal with quotation at your given email.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you

Awesome. Thank you!

Hi Talisha,
We have sent a proposal to the email you provided. We are Gethugothemes, the largest provider of Hugo themes in the entire Hugo ecosystem. We have been serving the Hugo community for over 5 years. Currently, we offer 60+ open-source and premium themes. Hundreds of website owners choose our themes to create their websites. You can find some of them in our showcase.

We have previously helped organizations such as ISC (Internet Systems
Consortium) to create their website. Check out this post where they mentioned us. ISC's New Static Website - ISC (Note: They mentioned Themefisher in this post, which is our main brand.)

We are highly interested in assisting you with your project.

We look forward to your response.

Thank you.

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