Themes not showing i’m GitHub

When I push the files to GitHub the /themes directory is not appearing. I have configured the .gitmodules file to help and it hasn’t worked.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Empty directories are not tracked by git. If you want an empty directory to be tracked, you can add an empty file to the directory; creating a .gitkeep file is a common practice.

If the themes directory is not empty:

  1. Please post a link to the public repository for your project.
  2. Please post the contents of .gitignore if it exists.

.gitignore is below

2 themes/casper-two/

Why have you got your theme directory in .gitignore?

I recommend removing that line and trying again.

I use submodules for the theme of one of my sites, and this is what I’ve got in .gitignore

I don’t know. But I think I do now. When I was pushing it to GitHub it wouldn’t let me do it. So I added it to .gitignore. Then in the tutorial I was watching the person explained how to do it. I tried it and is still not working. Should I remove it from the .gitignore file?

Looks like I got the theme working now the site is online ( but the site theme is not rendering when I click other pages…

I just visited your site and it all looks good to me. What page(s) don’t work for you?

It is working now! Thanks