How to work with Github and Hugo

After pushing my commit to my github repository I noticed that the theme is empty. When I use another PC and clone my github repository I cant build my site.

why this is happening ? How can I work with githu and Hugo ?

Here is the my repository

Was the theme folder empty before pushing to GitHub?

I think this is related to your other topic in which you also got problems with an empty theme folder. If you fix that issue from that other topic and then create a new GitHub commit, the GitHub repository will likely fill fine with the theme contents.

The theme is a submodule, meaning it is a completely separate repo you are referencing from yours. When you clone your theme locally, include the --recursive command and it will be fine. If it’s already cloned you can update the submodule. You can likely find info on doing that in Github’s docs.

I was not added submodule when created the hugo site. But Everything was fine. What should I do now.

Respond to my comment above.

Then we know if downloading the theme as zip file also gives you problems, because there’s no information in your last post about if you still have the same problem and what you’ve tried so far.

It might be me, of course, but I can’t tell if your problem is with GitHub, git, or whether your theme folder was empty to begin with.

I have solved the problem by adding re-creating site with submodule