The changes that I make in themes/anake/layouts aren't recognized by github, why?

I change those files, but changing those files has 0 effect, github doesn’t recognizes that. Even when I

git add .
git commit -m “commit”
git push origin master

I don’t see the updated content on github. I am trying to implement adsense in my blog.

This sounds like a git issue, not a Hugo issue.

If you post a link to your repo I can take a look but generic dev questions is better put on places like Stackoverflow.

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This is my github repo.

You have installed the theme as a git submodule so it is not a part of your repo.

Editing the theme files directly is usually a bad idea anyway. It makes it hard/cumbersome to update the theme.

Better to copy the files you want to edit in to your project root and edit them there.

themes/ananke/layouts/_default/baseof.html can e.g. be overridden by layouts/_default/baseof.html.

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I’ll brainstorm how to solve it. Thanks for the quick tip.

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