Submodule conflict when pushing themed hugo site to github


I’m trying to push a simple themed site to github. I used the hugo creative theme and cloned it into my hugo site folder and built around it from there. Everything works fine and I’m happy with my site and would really like to publish it but it won’t allow me to push it with the .git submodules from the cloned theme.

Would I be able to simply delete these and get everything running or was my project folder set up wrong from the beginning?

Figured this out. Sorry. How do I close this/delete the post?

@LadySith Glad you got it worked out. I can close this thread, but first I wanted to see if you used the new GH pages I pointed you to on in first. I haven’t used GH Pages in a few years, and I’d appreciate you letting me know if there were any content gaps or pieces missing from the docs that would have made this easier.

Please and thank you:)