Theme Site Ends Self-Hosting Support

@bep has decided to no longer support self-hosted themes using Git unless they’re hosted under a to be announced list of available providers.

After Dark would like to thank the Hugo maintainers for 2 years of mostly uninterrupted hosting on the theme site. If anyone has an alternative to the theme site which supports themes self-hosted git repos please let me know!

A quick note from me: This policy is all about security concerns. The theme repo is “hosting code” that is pulled by many. Restricting the hosting to GitHub/GitLab and similar makes it a little easier to control that theme we add is also the user gets etc.

Since you decided to fill up GitHub with indignent comments/complains about your theme being removed:

Your theme was removed because the Git reference that was registered in the theme repo for that theme did not exist anymore and the theme site build failed. I assume a “forced push” of your master branch, but anyway, the theme site was broken, so the theme had to be removed to get the build going again. And we will happily add it again, provided you host it on a well known Git provider.