Do we keep backups of themes?

Continuing the discussion from Git Installing Themes not working:

Today I celebrated new works entering the American public domain at the Internet Archive! I’m all pumped, and ready to preserve the now for the future!

Of course reading the above bummed me out. And I thought, huh, if we aren’t already doing this, we really ought to keep backup repos, ne?

I’ll be honest, I don’t use themes from the theme repo. I look at them a lot! And I use the directory to find them and see what’s new. But I don’t clone them.

Anyone making copies? Anyone want to throw the deleted theme back up somewhere? Let’s discuss. :slight_smile:

I use HUGO only for my private seites, started with a copy of my favorite git theme and store two older versions for me as backup. My the now differs a lot to the original. Changed completely the CSS files.

For professional use cases everyone should make backups self. Clone the theme you want and go with it. You can monitor the original to merge it - if you want or need it. Stay with yoour own GIT repo or use subversion.
my 2 cents :slight_smile:

I have a local mirror obviously, since I help maintain the Hugo Themes repo but as a designer I think that the theme in question does not seem like a work that should be preserved for posterity.

But anyway here is the screenshot in case anyone is interested:

If anyone feels otherwise I can send a ZIP via private message. (I’m not uploading this theme in a public repo under my name).