Theme: Purehugo

I have taken the blog layout example from the pure.css project from Yahoo and made a theme out of it. It’s pretty minimalistic at the moment, but I plan on improving it a bit. You can let me know here if you have any problems with it and if I can help you in any way. Also, if you have any ideas for improvements I’d be more than happy to respond.

You can find the theme here.


@dplesca This is great! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for posting. I have been fighting to get pagination to work and your implementation actually works in the theme I’m building. Never could get the simple examples to actually output code right, but wasn’t familiar enough with the syntax to recode the entire internal pagination code.

Hi @dplesca, Your theme is clean and simple. Thanks for sharing. How do I just list the blog titles on the main page and the content will be displayed once the blog title is clicked, like an Accordion list perhaps?