Creating large site ~50K pages - any recommendations for a theme that can scale

Hi Folks! I’m using the hugo-relearn theme and it has been awesome! In discussions with the maintainer he mentioned some ways to improve, he’s got it on his road map but did say you may need to look for a new theme.

Any and all suggestions, guidance welcomed and appreciated! Cheers! It’s Friday! Adam

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You can check out themes from Gethugothemes.

My site has 20,000 pages. I’m using Ananke for the time being. I might just end up sticking with it. I’ve had problems moving to another theme because of them e.g. trying to build a menu with links to every page.

What size site have you built with it?

Right now we’re having a standard “b-tree” structure for the documentation and leads to about 3000 leaf nodes and 2000 some nodes that drive the path to that node.

We’re thinking we might need to use taxonomy terms to help on the organization versus hard coding in a “b-tree” structure - which the users understand - but more of a star-schema perspective - leveraging taxonomies to help on organization.

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