Theme not getting added on website deployed through firebase

I did all steps from this tutorial.I am glad that my first website when online but i does not have any theme attached.It looks like a website just made using html.I use the ‘Highlights’ theme .What shall i do to add theme.FYI theme is in default theme folder

It seems that you have a problem loading your site’s stylesheet.

According to the source of your page the CSS URL is missing a slash right after your BaseURL (domain)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://allenjohnson.tkcss/main.css" />

I have stumbled through this in the past. Ever since then, I make it a point to always end by baseURL with a / (whether I choose to use absURL/relURL in my templates or not). I have yet to come across a use case where suffixing baseURL with / is a bad idea.

@bep Do you have comments about this? Should we document the recommendation to always end baseURL with /?

baseurl should end with / form my experience.I did all the stuff from different threads but a / did the thing.Thank You kaushalmodi

thank you

Another way would be to fix the template files/theme… use absURL or relURL so that things would work whether or not baseURL ends in /.

No, we should recommend to always use the built-in functions and methods when doing URL specific things.

So, relURL or absURL to refererence CSS etc.