Harbour theme not loading Netilfy

I have attemped to deploy my blog on Netilfy. I followed the guide and made a netilfy.toml to fix some stuff like version of hugo used. The theme will not load. I have checked the base url.
my github repo: https://github.com/advaithm/myblog/
my website: https://nullbolg.netlify.app/

Can you retry after changing it to:

baseURL = "https://nullbolg.netlify.app/"

I can see in the browser console when loading https://nullbolg.netlify.app that it tries to load https://nullbolg.netlify.appcss/dark.css - there is a dash missing between app and css.

could you explain to me why this worked?

well, the / at the end separated the domain from the subfolders.

https://nullbolg.netlify.appcss/dark.css does not exist
https://nullbolg.netlify.app/css/dark.css does exist

By adding the slash you completed the proper URL. It’s complicated because themes sometimes need the slash and sometimes don’t. It’s always better to add a slash at the end of the baseUrl, because web-browsers are better at working with // than working without any separation :wink: there is no top level domain called appcss :wink:

Thanks for the explanation.i am feel kinda dumb because when I inspected the head element I thought Hmmm that url looks weird and ignored it.

Nah, don’t. It happens. You learn something new every day…

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