Pages that are not index does not have theme

I decided to do my school project in hugo. I choose a theme, wrote some pages… Everything looked good in the hugo server. When I decided to generate the site and push it to my server all pages that are not the home page. Here are the files. I don’t know what is wrong. I have looked at other forum posts and the documentary. Nothing helped me

This is my first time using HUGO. I also don’t understand that much HTML or CSS. I am unsure what else to post. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

Edit: after 2 html tutorials I found the issue. Where I link to the stylesheets I should add …/…/ for the right folder

My best guess would be that you’re missing the baseURL in your config.

While that may work (with two dots instead of three), this is generally not necessary. Put your CSS files in the static directory of your site if you want to reference them directly or in your assets directory if you want to use them in pipes, eg to minimize or purge unused styles.

Generally, your chances of getting help are much higher if you provide code. Many here prefer a link to a Github repo, but the minimum would be your config file and the template referencing your style sheet.


Tx. First off, as @bep correctly surmised, your config.toml is missing the parameter baseURL. You must set that to the base URL of your published site, so something like
baseURL= ""
or wherever your published site is sitting.
Second, I’m wondering if your choice of languageCode is sensible, given that most everything in config.toml seems to be in Bulgarian.

Apart from that, it’s difficult to tell what goes wrong – you’re apparently not using a local copy of your theme, which makes it difficult to see what is going on in it’s header.html.